Patty Patterson

Patty has served as the Children’s Pastor since April 2006, although she was not new to the church or the Children’s Ministry Team. Patty served as the Nursery & Toddler coordinator for 10 years and on the Children & Youth Commission for many years in addition to that.

Patty grew up in Niagara Falls Ontario Canada and graduated from Niagara Christian College. She resides in New Cumberland along with her husband, Kirk, and two children, Alissa and Colin. They have been a part of the Harrisburg Brethren in Christ Church since 1990.

Patty enjoys serving on a staff that works together, much like a family. Patty looks for ways to make new families feel welcomed and to partner with parents. She strives to live and share the gospel with the children of Harrisburg BIC Church, and seeks to continue the wonderful work God has begun in the children of HBIC as well as its surrounding community.

Photo by Muriel Kratz