Brieanna Thompson

We are pleased to announce that Brieanna Thompson (Brie) has accepted our invitation to serve as our Pastor of Youth & Young Adult Ministries. Brie will begin serving with us on Monday, August 12th. Please plan to join us on August 25th, when we will share in a consecration prayer for Brie and her family.


Brie is a South Jersey native and has been a part of our congregation since 2006. She and her husband, Steve, have 3 sons: Josiah, Thatcher, and Wesley. Brie’s degree is in Secondary Education and Mathematics. She has taught math, been a house-mom at the Milton Hershey School, been a coach, and continues to serve as a mentor to youth and young adults.


The Lord’s call on Brie to serve youth goes back to her childhood. She was able to lead ministries in high school and college, serving in youth group, sports teams, and other clubs. Since coming to HBIC, Brie has served as a youth leader and in a variety of other roles to forward the work of our church, and is very excited for this next step of her journey.


In reflecting on serving as our Pastor of Youth & Young Adults, Brie shared, “I am overjoyed to serve in this role. I am very eager to encourage and support our youth and young adults as they continue growing in the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ and as they continue to pursue their roles in the work of God’s kingdom. I’m also excited to see how God leads us and joins us in our church’s vision of serving the needs of our local and global communities. It’s going to be fun!”


Eleven years ago, Brie was part of the team that welcomed me as HBIC’s new Youth Pastor. Over the years, I have been very grateful to serve with her, to see her gifts continue to grow and blossom, and to know her family’s love of our church and community. It is with great joy that I now welcome Brie as our Pastor of Youth & Young Adult Ministries. She will be a great blessing to our church and community, and the fruit from her prayers, ministry, and service will help us continue to shine our light in our city, and in our world.


Please join us in welcoming Brieanna Thompson!


Pastor Hank and the Harrisburg BIC Church Board