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Journeying Together While Apart – April 19


Below you will find several ways to participate in worship and prayer with others from HBIC. We invite you to join us in these various ways this week!


We continue to pray that you will experience the riches of the Lord’s presence during this time that we are not able to be present with one another!


— HBIC Pastoral Staff




Our pastoral staff are working together each week to record a worship service for our church family. The service will be available on the HBIC YouTube Channel on Sunday mornings by 9 am, as well as anytime thereafter.




The pastors have created worship resources designed to help you and your family follow along and participate with our online-worship video for Sunday. We invite you to sing, pray, worship, be nourished by his Word, and reflect on the Lord’s call to love!

The Worship-At-Home Resource Page serves as a companion to the weekly worship video on the HBIC YouTube Channel. …If you have more than one device (computer, tablet, or smartphone) and you’d like to see the lyrics to sing along, you can have the video playing on one device while you follow along with the worship resource on the other!

And when the video service is over, you’ll have a chance to continue to reflect, as well as to discuss the message, using the questions provided.

May you experience the love and presence of God as you worship this week!


On Wednesday evenings, we are hosting a Virtual Prayer Meeting each week. This will give us an opportunity to connect together for prayer, followed by time to share in a brief Q&A on the Sunday am message. We’ll connect by using Zoom at 7 pm (limit is 100 people). 


You can use your computer, tablet, or phone to join our Zoom Virtual Prayer Meeting with video; or call in by phone, 1-929-205-6099 to get the audio-feed. Our plan is to have the meeting link activated around 6:50 pm.


…You’ll need Zoom installed on your device ahead of time in order to connect – if you need some guidance for this, contact



We’re adding to our Zoom meeting schedule — we’ll have a couple of times each week for people to come together more informally, Zoom Connection. If you’d like to see others from HBIC and have some time to sit and chat with one another, join us!


The first Zoom Connection meeting will be held on Friday, April 24, 7 pm.

If you need help with Zoom, contact


Click here to join the April 24th gathering!





If you haven’t checked out our Gallery of Sabbath Creations here on our website, take a moment to check out that page to see what some of our people, younger and older, have been up to!

And if you have creations to submit, send them along to Pastor Brie!





And don’t forget – Photos, please! …We’ve begun to collect photos of some of you on Sundays as you join our worship service from home, as you participate in Zoom meetings with others, as children enjoy things from Pastor Patty, as you create things, etc. We’d really like our collection of photos to continue to grow!


Once we are able to worship all together again, we are hoping to have a collection of photos from this time to use in our celebrations. Please send your photos to Pastor Lynda. (And be sure to let her know who is in the pictures.) Thanks for your help!