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Things We Want You to Know

There are several things we want to share with you. As we try not to fill your inbox with too many emails from the church, we’ve put together this miscellaneous mailing of all sorts of things we want you to know…


Do You Have Sabbath Creations?


In this past Sunday’s message, Sabbath in the Season of Panic, one of the things Pastor Hank encouraged us to do for sabbath, rest, is to use some of our time to create things.


We’d love for the church family to be able to share their creations with one another, so we’ve created a Gallery of Sabbath Creations page for the HBIC website. Here we’ll:

  • post photos of things you’ve made (artwork, food, photography, quilting, knitting, and…)
  • post short videos (of songs you’ve written or sung, something you’ve learned to do, and…)
  • post pdf’s of things you’ve written (poetry, short prose, prayers, and…)


Hopefully you get the idea! You can submit your creations for the online gallery by sending them, along with a brief description, to Pastor Brie. All ages are invited to participate!


The Gallery of Sabbath Creations will become part of our corporate praise to God, the Potter, for the things that he is forming in us during this time!



Calling All Who Sew! With the governors directive that everyone should wear a mask when out in public, there is a great need for masks!


Kim Mumper will be coordinating the efforts for any sewing people among us who would like to make masks for people in our church (and beyond, hopefully!). Send Kim an email message ASAP if you’d like to help with this effort.


Pastor Lynda will be coordinating requests from our church family for masks for your household. If you are in need of masks, please send a note requesting the quantity. (If you have a request for people beyond your household, you can share that info, and we’ll keep a list in case we have plenty. Please note it separately from the request for your household.)



Photos, please! …We’ve begun to collect photos of some of you on Sundays as you join our worship service from home, as you participate in Zoom meetings with others, as children enjoy things from Pastor Patty, etc. We’d like our collection of photos to continue to grow.


Once we are able to worship all together again, we are hoping to have a collection of photos from this time to use in our celebrations. Please send your photos to Pastor Lynda. (And be sure to let her know who is in the pictures.) Thanks for your help!



The church has a supply of the March/April/May edition of Our Daily Bread available. Many of you who regularly use this resource as part of your time with God weren’t able to pick up a copy before the coronavirus pandemic affected our church schedule. We’d be happy to mail you a copy of the current issue, which goes through the end of May, if you’d like.


We also have a limited supply of the 30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World guide, and will be happy to mail these out as well. The 30 days of prayer are from April 24 to May 23.


Just send an email to the church office – Lori Thiesen, our office administrative assistant continues to check that inbox daily. Be sure to include your mailing address in your note.




You can help us to meet one of the requirements to have a custom URL for the HBIC YouTube Channel – we need at least 100 subscribers. We are currently about 60% of the way toward that goal. You can help by going to the HBIC YouTube Channel page, and clicking the subscribe button. (And if you want to receive notifications when something new is added, click on the bell that’s there, as well.) Thanks for your help!



We are currently using Zoom in many ways to connect with one another. The use we’ve shared most publicly is our Wednesday evening Virtual Prayer Meeting (which won’t be happening during Holy Week, but will be back on the Wednesday schedule on April 15th). We’re also using Zoom for our youth, for our children, for meetings, and for life groups.


We thought it might help you to know the schedule for the things that are happening weekly via Zoom:

Sundays 10:30 am – Youth Sunday School

Sundays 7:00 pm – Sr. High Youth Group

Mondays 4:00 pm – Creation Kids

Mondays (2nd & 4th) 8:15 pm – Young Adult Monday Book Study

Wednesdays 5:30 pm – Jr. High Youth Group

Wednesdays 7:00 pm – Virtual Prayer Meeting

Thursdays 4:00 pm – Creation Kids

Thursdays (1st & 3rd) 8:15 pm – Young Adult Thursday Book Study


Contact Pastor Patty (children), Pastor Brie (youth/young adults), or Pastor Hank (adults) if you have questions or interest in any of these gatherings.


Also, Pastor Brie is managing the schedule for our Zoom account, so if your committee, ministry team, or life group would like to schedule a time, please contact her.


Lastly, if you don’t yet have Zoom installed on a device and would like someone to help you with that process, send an email to the church office with the subject line, Zoom help.



This is what our weekly staff meeting looks like these days!


You are in our hearts and minds and prayers! We love you, HBIC Church!


And we’re proud of the many ways you’re caring for one another and for others beyond the church. God bless you as you serve in these days!


— HBIC Pastors