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Turning Our Eyes to God

Bernardo Michael shared a profound congregational prayer during our morning worship services on Sunday, September 17th. We are grateful for Bernardo’s spiritual leadership, and wanted to be certain that this prayer was made available for those who were unable to be with us in worship that day.

Please join with me in the congregational prayer as we turn our eyes towards God with our humble offerings of thankfulness, petitions, and prayers.

We are thankful for this WORLD that you have given us, and ask you to give us the eyes to behold its beauty and to nurture in its fullness the life you have gifted to this planet.

For healing in all human struggles over OUR SELF CREATED DIVISIONS OF gender, race, caste, ethnicity, and class in church and society. For the millions of slaves, refugees, migrants, and the homeless that we heed their cry and dreams about a life of security, peace, and livelihood—be it in Europe, or in Burma, or right here in the United States.

For enlarging the hearts of our RELIGIOUS LEADERS to work for greater inter-faith understanding in our world in a manner that is equitable for all, and especially for women.

For our political leaders to pursue justice and to walk humbly in their public and personal lives.

For the continued renewal of your Church, and protection for Christian communities from worldly and spiritual persecution, especially in those parts of the world where they might be vulnerable as minorities.

We ask for daily protection for the pastors, deacons, laity and their families who belong to our church. And also that this period of transition at HBIC might take place under the supervision of the Holy Spirit.

For our neighborhood where you have placed us that you will bless our efforts to reach out, connect, and partner, to bless and be blessed.

For healing and forgiveness for us, your people in this church, who have been wounded by the circumstances of life, from the traumas of the past, and even through the words and actions of people around them, for those grieving the loss of loved ones, for those who continue to seek God’s strength in overcoming addictions, for those seeking gainful employment, financial stability, and the fulfilment of their material needs. We also plead to you for our youth and children who are precious in your sight. We only ask that they be granted a future they can inhabit and flourish in.

We also pray for the continued spiritual growth and maturity of your people gathered here, for spiritual detachment from the world, for a deeper understanding of your scripture, for a more intimate awareness of the clay that represents our bodies and minds so that God might become a most enhanced living presence in our lives, and for a stronger desire to practice the power of prayer while being wholly consumed by the fire of your love.

We close by crying out, our praise mixed with lament, inviting you to hear our humble petitions that we have raised individually and corporately, confessing that our broken world, and our very lives, yearn for your divine healing as we await in anticipation of your glorious reentry into our world.