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We Made It! (But First Some Sleep)

It’s midnight in Bogota, and almost time to call it a night (after this post). This ends our 30 hour trek – meeting at Harrisburg, getting all our paperwork in order, a few hours of sleep, a drive down to BWI (Baltimore), breakfast then a few more hours in airport, flight to Atlanta, lunch and a few more hours in the airport, a flight to Bogota followed by meeting an overexcited Zach Dalton and our team of co-workers and translators, then a drive to our residence – and breathe. We made it!
Tonight during our debrief, our group shared in a circle some hopes (things we’re excited about) and concerns (things we have some anxiety about) in beginning our trip. Our common hopes were: excited to be in Colombia to meet the people, learn more about the culture, and serve; see God move in us in surprising ways; have God grow each of us; that our group will be a family; and that we can see, be filled with, and share God’s love. Some concerns were: being scared about the language (our translators want to make sure they serve us well, and we want to make sure we can communicate with everyone we interact with); not being able to connect with people we serve; not knowing the culture; and just being a stranger in a new place. So please pray that our hopes are realized beyond our imaginations, and that God makes our concerns chances to see Him work in awesome ways.
Tomorrow we will be serving Luz y Vida, a special needs orphanage, and then in the afternoon, we will be serving at Buena Semilla Daycare Center. Our prayer for the night is for rest and good sleep, and that God would keep filling us up with His love so that we can keep pouring it out on all the wonderful people we will be meeting.
Special thanks to all of you – we are grateful to God for each of you for your love, prayers, and support. We serve together, and we are all doing this kingdom work together.
God bless and take care. Dios te Bendiga (God bless you)!
In Christ,
Youth Missions Team