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Pray for Our Youth Missions Team

As this post is being written, HBIC’s youth missions team is boarding a plane in Atlanta bound for Bogota, Colombia. They are looking forward to joining God in the work that He has already begun there, and we are looking forward to journeying with and praying for them as they experience all that God has in store!

Following each day’s activities, the team plans to share of their journey as they are able via the church’s blog page. Given their schedule and the time difference between Harrisburg and Bogota, posts will most likely appear sometime after 11 PM EST each evening.

The team will be working with one of Harrisburg BIC’s missionaries to serve orphans and at-risk children and youth throughout the next 10 days. Their time will also include helping with one day of Vacation Bible School (VBS) at El Camino Academy in Bogota.

In the meantime, there are a number of ways that we can be praying for them:

  1. Safe travels – Pray that they would arrive safely each day to do the work they are intended to do.
  2. Openness & excitement – Pray that they would greet enthusiastically this wonderful opportunity to serve the Lord by helping our neighbors in Bogota, Colombia. Ask God to give them energy and enthusiasm to do their work with happy hearts filled with love for God and for one another.
  3. Focus – Pray that they would be able to set aside all the distractions and problems that might weigh them down and distract them from what God has for them; ask God to help them set their eyes on Him and to serve His people with willing and happy hearts.
  4. Awareness – Pray that the eyes of each team member would be open to the experiences God has for them. Ask God to help them see Jesus in the face of every person whom they serve.
  5. Witness – Pray that each team member would be filled with God’s Spirit and be light as they go out to complete the tasks God has given them. Ask God to help them seek Him and not their own glorification. Pray also that the eyes of those whom they serve will be opened so that when they see God’s work in and through the team, they would see God’s love, grace, and mercy and give God praise.
  6. Life Transformation – Pray that members of the team, the orphans they will meet, as well as the children and youth of El Camino Academy would each have a transformative encounter with God this week. Ask the Lord to forever change their hearts with His grace and love.
  7. Fun – Pray that the team would have a great and fun 10 days in Bogota, Colombia despite the challenges they may experience.
  8. Continued Growth – Pray that the Lord would bring the team home safely and filled with enthusiasm to continue on in a life of service to Him and His people; pray that they would be eager to join Him in the work that He is doing in the world, ever seeking to grow in relationship to God and others and to bring God glory in their lives. Pray also for the communities that the team will leave behind; ask God to continue the work that He has begun, providing the people and resources needed to ensure His work will continue in Bogota for generations to come.